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Engineering/Testing - NM, AZ, CO, UT, TX

GEOMAT Inc. is a leading engineering consultancy that provides geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing, and special inspection services with a reputation for performance, innovation, and quality in demanding jobs.

GEOMAT Inc. is an owner-operated firm of approximately 50 employees based in the Farmington and Albuquerque, NM areas. We have provided services to over 5,000 projects throughout the New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado of all types and sizes.  GEOMAT’s business philosophy is simple; look after the needs of the client and the business will take care of itself.

Matthew J. Cramer, P.E.


Mr. Cramer has over 17 years of experience as an engineer, senior engineer, project manager, and business owner specializing in geotechnical, materials, and structural engineering.

Jennifer Cramer

HR/Accounting Manager

Jennifer is an experienced HR and Accounting manager. She is responsible for office management, business accounting, and administration including onboarding and invoicing.

Jana Nelson

Administrative Assistant I

Jana is responsible for office administration in our Farmington office and plays a key role in the scheduling, materials reporting, time tracking, and assisting in billing processes.

Courtney Hughes

Business Development/Project Manager

Courtney is an experienced marketing project manager.  She is responsible for business development and the proposal process.

Nathan J. Compton, P.E.

Associate Partner

Mr. Compton has over 10 years of experience in construction materials engineering, testing, concrete mix designer, and management. He is also the associate partner at GEOMAT.

Talia Williams, E.I.

Staff Professional I

Talia is an experienced staff engineer and project manager of geotechnical projects including report/proposal writing, site exploration, geotechnical analysis and design.

Chase Beckstead, P.E.

Staff Professional

Chase is a highly experienced geotechnical engineer and project manager specializing in site exploration, geophysical testing, and report writing on numerous projects in New Mexico.

Greta Y. Quintana, P.E.

Project Manager/Professional Engineer

Greta is an experienced project manager specializing in structural/civil engineering on numerous projects with over 30 years of experience.

J. Aaron Ezzell, P.E.

ABQ Metro Branch Manager

Mr. Ezzell has over 19 years of experience in managing construction materials testing and geotechnical engineering projects with over five years spent as a branch/office manager.

Doug Hood, E.I.

Staff Professional I

Doug is an experienced staff engineer and project manager of geotechnical engineering and materials projects including site exploration/analysis and report/proposal delivery.

Chris Bitsilly

Project Engineer /QC Manager

Chris is an experienced engineer and quality control manager specializing in quality systems for pipelines, quality control management, project engineering, and project management.

Project Manager

Deen is an experienced project manager specializing in civil engineering and project management on numerous projects with over 10 years of experience. He has designed and constructed numerous public facilities.

Philip A. Rosenberger

Project Manager II

Mr. Rosenberger has over 30 years in the engineering and construction management industries and is an experienced designer, project engineer/manager and inspector.

Colter Tucker, E.I.

Staff Professional I

Colter is a capable staff engineer and inspector working primarily on materials projects including field and laboratory materials testing for soils, concrete, and mix designs.

Patrick Gallegos, E.I.

Geotechnical Project Manager I

Patrick is a highly experienced geotechnical engineer, driller, and project manager specializing in scope development, site exploration, and report writing on numerous projects in New Mexico.
GEOMAT was founded in late 2003 by George A. Madrid when he purchased the Farmington branch office of AMEC. George ran the company as President and Principal Engineer until 2015.  Under George’s guidance, GEOMAT became one of the predominate and respected geotechnical engineering, civil/mining engineering, and materials testing firms in the Four Corners area. His philosophy was simple “take care of clients and the business will take care of itself.” This philosophy was foundational to the culture and growth of the business and is fundamental to how GEOMAT continues to operate today. Despite being a small company, GEOMAT was able to work with and complete numerous successful projects with many large national companies including being recognized by Arizona Public Service in 2011 for services provided at the Four Corners Power Plant. GEOMAT also provided extensive engineering and testing services to BHP Billiton at the San Juan Mine in Fruitland, NM. GEOMAT completed over 2,400 projects in southwestern United States between 2004 and 2015.
George was a well-respected engineer and businessman within the engineering community in the Four Corners and State of NM. But perhaps his greatest attribute and legacy was his ability to inspire and mentor those around him. This inspiration and mentorship lives on in company leadership today. In 2015, George sold GEOMAT to Thomas F. Madrid as the majority shareholder and Matthew J. Cramer, P.E. as a minority shareholder. Thomas had been with the company since 2008 and was instrumental in the company’s success holding the positions of Construction Services Manager and Accounting Manager until becoming company President in 2015.  Under Thomas’s leadership, GEOMAT continued its success adding numerous clients and services including contract drilling leading to the purchase of the CME-55 that is in operation today. Thomas was also an active member of Leadership NM and San Juan Rotary and obtained is MBA from the University of Denver.
In 2018, Thomas sold his shares of the company to Matthew J. Cramer, P.E. who had held the position of Structural/Geotechnical Engineer and Vice President until becoming President and sole owner of the company.  Since becoming President, Matt has continued the success and growth of the company. His vision for the company has included updating the company technology by moving away from paper reporting and scheduling to digital reporting and scheduling. In May 2020, GEOMAT started an office in Albuquerque, New Mexico to better serve clients across the State. In addition, Nathan Compton P.E. and Aaron Ezzell, P.E. were brought on as Associate Partners with the firm.  GEOMAT has since continued to provide quality engineering and testing services growing to over 50 employees.
GEOMAT and its employees actively participate in the communities in which we are a part of.  We have participated in numerous community outreach programs including the Farmington Municipal Schools Work-Based Learning program and Mathcounts Programs to name a few.   GEOMAT also supports scholarships for student interested in the STEM fields.
In addition, GEOMAT strongly encourages employee community involvement by its employees both within and outside of the engineering field.  Some of the organizations in which GEOMAT employees have been involved (or held leadership positions) in are:
  • National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE)
  • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
  • Geoprofessional Business Association (GBA)
  • Farmington Soccer Club
  • Four Corners Youth Soccer League
  • Paradise Hills Little League
  • Mathcounts of New Mexico (local and state)
  • Regional NM Science Fairs
  • Rotary Clubs
  • FMS Work-Based Learning program
  • Farmington Amateur Baseball
  • STEM Educational Opportunities
  • Numerous others